Officer Norman Hill NSW Police Force Coffs Harbour.

This is an etheric record of the Actions of Officer Norman Hill that was involved in my Attempted Murder in Coffs Harbour NSW.

Officer Norman Hill was part of a team of that illegally entered my House, took me to the Coffs Harbour Watch house, conducted a forced DNA test and then threw me out on the streets after identifying that I had a medical condition.

Officer Norman Hill has conducted himself as a Pig amongst earths people and lived as a traitor to the indigenous people of Australia.

Just as he has lived as a pig amongst humanity let all free people of the earth ensure that he is treated as a pig amongst humanity and remembered as a pig.

Officer Norman Hill has served the forces directly responsible for decades of crimes against humanity in Australia. Officer Norman Hill should be treated by the community as a murderous criminal and we urge citizens to exercise extreme caution when interacting with Norman Hill.

The Australian Police force including State Police and Federal police are directly accountable for crimes against humanity in the land of Australia and should be part of forthcoming trials for crimes against humanity.

This post is part of a series of records being kept of individuals who were part of a coordinated attempt on my life in NSW Australia.