Court of Light Publishes first Judgement.

The court of decoded light reaches judgements by researching and analysing works left to us by the last generation of spiritual, religious, business and creative leaders. The sources that have allowed us to reach this judgement are responsible for the creation of many of the events that defined the last generation, and responsible for the creation of many of the characters that lead in the last generation.

The judgements are based on several years of research, and it is hoped that they will be used to guide Australian institutions and create an environment where honest Australian leaders can prosper in and environment of truth and decency. We believe these works will set the foundation for Australia to lead as a nation and maximise the talent and capability inherent in Australian citizens.

Our core finding is that the leaders entrusted with the custodianship of humanity and the institutions traditionally responsible for care of humanity failed in their duties. This failing was not only through lack of effort, but conscious practice of the inversion of human nature and conscious division of people such that they created a culture of inter human parasitism so that specific groups and bodies could profit. Those entrusted with the leadership of humanity should have created an environment where all could prosper and progress with out being subject to violence, suppression and consciousness manipulation.


  • The current standing police forces in Australia are responsible for the execution of histories most sinister genocide. As a result we should seek to completely overhaul these forces in terms of appearance, purpose and scale firstly out of sensitivity to the victims of their crimes.
  • The noble houses entrusted with the custodianship of legal institutions, banking and financial institutions and government in Australia are directly implicated in the crime of Genocide. Australians both indigenous and migrant who have experienced the weight of this genocide, should expect to witness formal trials for crimes against humanity.
  • Those entrusted with the custodianship of humanity over the past generations practiced the intentional debasement of education systems and cultivated a culture of ignorance in the lands of Australia. The debasement needs to be reversed and replaced with institutions that cultivate virtue.
  • The outcome of these trials should be pardons, apologies and compensation for the victims of protracted systemic abuse administered by financial, legal and governmental institutions.
  • The prohibition of Cannabis and the use of force to prevent its production and development into medicinal products has been executed as a Crime against humanity.
  • The entirety of the medical establishment that have participated in the suppression of natural medicine with force are implicated in the crime of genocide and need to be part of trials and compensation processes.
  • The primary perpetrators of the Genocide in Australia are to be known as the founders of the Modern State of Israel acting initially under authority of the previous Holy Roman Emperor, more recently the modern Roman Catholic Church and with complicity from corporate governing bodies such as the Commonwealth of Australia and the financial centres in the cities of London and New York.


  • Many Australian’s who fell victim to the Genocide carried out with intention will not have known the reason or origin of the attack against them. It is our intention through our ongoing work to educate Australians on the history of the genocide in Australia, it’s origins and the occult methods by which it has been orchestrated.
  • We recommend that Australian military institutions and defence contractors turn their back on the modern state of Israel, which is an illegitimate criminal state which maintains it’s position with brutal force. We advise military and defence contractors to focus on developing relationships with nations that have a proven track record of defending their sovereignty through peaceful means.
  • We recommend that Australian citizens seek and source Medical Cannabis products that originate from Australia and are produced by cooperatives of Australian citizens collaborating in farming and product development before sourcing products from international corporations.
  • Our medical media will publish and maintain details of origins of medical products, and the origins from which practitioners source their products from. This will help Australian citizens make conscious choices about where they get their products from, and reduce the need for aggressive competition.
  • Corporate bodies that have been complicit in the protracted attack against Australian citizens are to be held accountable for the crime of Genocide. The bodies that we will name in this judgement include the Commonwealth of Australia, The ATO, peak medical bodies such as the TGA.
  • International corporations found to be complicit in the aforementioned occulted targeting of Australian citizens are to be held accountable for the crime of Genocide. Investigations into such corporate bodies should focus on the nation State of Israel and the cities of London and New York and their relationship with Australian governing bodies.

We advise Australian education institutions to educate Australian youth on truth around Australia’s war history which should include

  • The mass killing of Jews during World war two as a simulated media event.
  • The true Holocaust (a word which etymologically relates to a sacrifice by fire) likely being related to the mass sacrifice by bombing of cities like Dresden, as a pre meditated execution of civilians perpetrated by the founders of the modern state of Israel.
  • Teaching of equal aggression and criminality on both sides of the war, including crimes against humanity perpetrated by British, Australian allied forces including the strafing of innocent civilians using advanced military hardware which can only be described as a war crime.

The further investigation into the true nature of these events and call for the propagation of historical truth is intended to lay the foundation for the next generation of Australians and allow them to build on a consciousness of historical of truth, the inverse of which can impede mental development and be energetically draining if the mind is full of historical deceptions.

Future Focuses:

  • Our media is to keep records across a range of verticals of institutions who have partaken in the Cannabis Prohibition Genocide, and have not been held to account for their actions.
  • We intend to conduct deeper investigations into the current custodians of the land title system to ensure that this system is not being used to abuse citizens and exploit them. The right to a home is the most basic right for all beings and we will work to eliminate governmental or private corporate bodies practising parasitism through their role in the administration of the land title system.
  • We intend to conduct deeper reviews into the standing contractual systems (Business / Taxation) and seek to identify and eliminate systems designed to exploit creators. Our intention is to bring forward business environment where creators are protected and rewarded, and those practising wealth generation through theft and violence are identified.
  • In 2018 we will launch an initiative in community first policing that will integrate with a digital technology platform that will help protect citizens from criminality within the standing Police force who are directed by international criminal regimes.
  • We intend to conduct deeper investigation to the current benefactors of mineral wealth of Australia. We have interest in international benefactors in particular those exploiting the wealth of the land that may be implicated in the aforementioned crimes. As a society we need to both ensure those involved in the exploitation of mineral wealth are not implicated in historical crimes, and focus investment behaviour on technology and solutions that reduce the need for mining and exploitation of the earth.


It is our belief that the crimes against humanity covered in this judgement have been presided over principally by noble houses who initially gained their authority from the last acting Holy Roman Emperor, and due to the severity of the crimes and the malicious intent with which they have been committed, should be stripped of their positions as custodians of financial, legal, medical and governmental institutions. These Criminal families also operated as leaders of the Masonic order which we believe are implicated in crimes against humanity and through this judgement we will take over leadership of Masonic Practice to ensure it does not create harm in society which is contrary to the practices true intention.

This Judgment has been passed by the Court of Light and has been presided over by Sovereign Stuart Andrew who is operating as first among equals of a new generation of Nobility emerging all across the lands of Earth.

This Judgement and future outputs from the court of light will be held in perpetuity at

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