Etheric Records – Simulated Event – Zlatko Sikorsky charged with murder of teen Larissa Beilby

This is a Etheric record of a simulated Police event held on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. It appears that the Zlatko Sikorsky murder of teen Larissa Beilby is a falsified event.

From our Analysis of the event it appears to have Masonic involvement which may mean that the event has not occurred as portrayed in the media.

People in the political sphere should beware of this event if it is used to source funding or political leverage as it is most likely an act of deception.

Court of Light to Create and Distribute Permanent Etheric Records of Staged Events

Court of light is set to begin storing records of staged Masonic Media events held within police forces, the justice system and the military.

This will serve as a reference for truth for the general population and help people in political decision making processes avoid getting involved in events of masonic falsification.

We will start with a focus on events in Australia and then move on to events in other nations.

The first record will be published soon and we expect to make regular posts.

Court of Light