News Corp, Fox Corporations engaged in Witchcraft against Earths Natural Spiritual Leaders.

After a recent gas attack on me during a walk in our local area I have uncovered occulted communications that implicate numerous private corporations in pre meditated assault and the practice of spiritually suppressive witchcraft.

Under the Ancient Laws of the Earth, we have the right to call that the death penalty be administered against all men who have been involved in these acts.

However in our work we continually take a stand against acts of murder and human sacrifice and have been directly involved in the aversion of sacrifice taking place.

Force should only be employed when men become violently ignorant, stubborn and unmovable at the expense of all.

News Corp and all of its corporate operations are to be dissolved. Their operations as a news publishing corporation in Australia are to be permanently terminated. Their operations in the USA and Europe are to be permanently terminated.

As a direct victim of pre-meditated assault by these corporations, I am to become the principal beneficiary of the dissolution of these corporations assets and liquidity. The holders of any debts or liabilities to these corporations should not be paid. This will allow for a strong media to be built by beings with the appropriate level of conscious vision for earth and it’s people.

No employees of these corporations that engage in the liberation of modern material artefacts from their offices or directors are to be tried or prosecuted.

We encourage employees of these corporations to work with cunning and seek to establish themselves within the media independently while serving the forces of good.

All of the men involved in the financing, writing and production of the Simpsons the associated masonic bodies and senior management / directors at Fox / News Corp are to serve short jail sentences to allow them to reflect on their conduct. Once released they are never to be employed in positions above administration level and are to be excluded from decision making positions in any enterprise. Any bank, financial institution or private equity firm that provides future funding to fox or news corp is to be known as a criminal entity and attacked aggressively until it’s destruction.

The liabilities and potential for punishment in these matters also rest with any acquiring entity of News Corp or Fox corp Assets or liabilities.

If the findings on this issue from our court of light are not moved on expediently then it is our intention to use our full rights to call for the most extreme justice to be administered. We have not premeditated assault, abuse or dark deceptions on any one in order to achieve our ends.

If any of the corporate, governmental or masonic figures associated with news corp or the fox corporation react with violence during the liberation of their assets and the winding up of their evil empires they should be executed.