Etheric Records – Staged Event Christchurch shootings: 49 dead in New Zealand mosque attacks

This is an etheric record of reported mosque killings in New Zealand. This appears to be a staged event. We advise people not to participate in a political activity associated with these events and not to become involved in police funding activity as these events are associated with fraud.

Forest Lodge: Woman charged over samurai sword death of Jett McKee

The story relating to Sydney hip-hop artist Scepaz ‘punched man with knuckle dusters’ before alleged sword attack is a staged freemasonic event and is likely being used to defraud Australian citizens and prop up police budgets.

Australians should lobby governments to reduce police numbers and cease all staged police events.

Hannah Quinn
Hannah Quinn

12 Boys Trapped in Thai Cave – Staged Masonic Event

This is an etheric record of a staged Masonic event orchestrated between police and military forces in Thailand, England and Australia.

The event has the markings of a staged event and we warn people of getting involved in this story as it appears to be a work of falsification.