Court of Light to establish framework for dealing with Etheric Crimes (Crimes of Spirit)

Lately we have been using the word Crime a lot in our writing. Funnily enough the word originates from the church and its original use is connected to adultery. Go figure.

Our first judgement in the court of light is derived largely from Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut which references the Masonic concept of fidelity. The Beethoven opera, Fidelio which is about breaking out of a political prison. Although I do not have a full understanding of this teaching, I am very familiar with the energy of finger pointing and name calling and understand it can be perpetual in society. Evidently we should endeavour to transcend this energy.

However, on looking back at all the work that we have done, one thing I am sure of is that the previous generation have misused and abused their understanding of the nature of reality and the structure of the universe to further their superficial interests and their carnal nature at the expenses of others.

Given the rapidly expanding and changing nature of the media environment and proliferation of media technology I think it is important that in the commercial arena and in the area of government, it is understood that media can be used as a weapon and those responsible for using it inappropriately should be accountable for violent crimes.

The weapons used in these crimes are obviously media devices, mobile phones, televisions, tablets etc.
And it is important to be clear that in a justice context we must teach that if these devices are abused they can be as harmful as guns or knives.

A sample of specific areas that the framework will focus on:
  • Use of media simulation or falsification of events that are orchestrated over protracted time periods.
  • Use of media simulation or falsification of the purpose of benefiting specific corporate entities or political parties.
  • The use of actors, models or computer simulation to occupy positions of leadership or authority on Earth.
  • The execution of large scale terror or events of violence as a work of consciousness in order to achieve social objectives.
  • The use of computer simulation or actors or instruments of electro magnetic influence to effect the human mind for the purpose of exercising power over civilians.

We believe that this framework will have a particular impact on those in the practice of Freemasonry and other occult disciplines and it is our hope that through exploring these issues and providing the community a Framework on how they can interpret the potential harms wrong activity in the practice of these disciplines can have, we will bring forward an environment of greater openness, justice, equality and inclusion.

Even though we live in society in which we believe we are advanced because of the mobile phones we hold in our hand, it is evident by the actions of the men who lead us, that we are still ignorant and we are still lost. One of the pieces of knowledge that is both lost and abused is the ancient knowledge of the fragility of spirit.

The Court of Light is the Sovereign Etheric Court of Stuart Andrew and is set to release guidelines for managing Etheric Crimes (Crimes of Spirit) in 2018